Corporate ADSL (Asymetric Digital Subscritber Line)
          Introducting ANET newest service of high frequency Internet Bandwidth,
where you can enjoy surfing Internet while using the phone at the same time.
ADSL technology has higher frequency than the general telephone Bandwidth.
Thus, it can be transmitted and adjusted the upstream and downstream speed maximum to 8 Mbps.
Corporate User
          ANET offers international service standard for sales and system support and
quality service with ISO 9002 from SGS (Thailand) Limited. At present, ANET
upgrades the international link using Fiber Optics technology with Full Duplex (1:1)
at the speed of 45 Mbps. Our 24 Hour service team is ready to ensure the
continuous Internet support.
Individual and SME User
          In responding to the need of Home Based Users, SME and Internet Cafe
which need high speed for transmission, ADSL is allowed user to connect the Internet while using the phone since it is always on and no need to connect.
ADSL Benefits
     - ADSL always on
connected to the Internet
     - Cost saving since the
users no need to disconnect
as often as Modem systems
that often has problem with
being connected on line.
     - Maximum sppeed from
64 Kbps up to 8 Kbps.
     - Support multimedia application that requires high Bandwidth; such as VDO
Conference, Real Player, Shock Wave, etc.
    - Being designed for using phone line without any effect and adjusting speed level
for transmitting according to the ability of the telephone line.
    - Unlimited Internet Access (for corporate ADSL).
System Requirement
         1. ADSL Line from ADSL media provider
         2. ADSL Moderm for individual or ADSL Router for SME and Corporate users
         3. Internet Server (option for corporate user)
         4. Software (option for Corporate User)

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